Information on Ethiopian Flight Information Region (FIR)

Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority would like to state that any flight in Ethiopian Airspace including Addis Ababa international airport is safe and secured.

The warning issued and released by media outlets is baseless and quite contradictory to the reality.

We strongly assure users of our airspace and airports that we are not compromising their safety and security as we are taking every measure to ensure safe and secured flight operation as before; we are complying with the international standards of safety and security measure.

Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority

The Western media are biased in reporting Ethiopia’s current situation via ignoring huge elements and contradicting with themselves within the same reports, said CBS Journalist Hermela Aregawi.

In her recent interview with Bob Schlehuber’s FM radio program ,Hermela noted that one of the most egregious points in terms of the…

Minilik Salsawi

I AM PROUD TO BE ETHIOPIAN ! ኢትዮጵያዊ በመሆኔ እኮራለሁ !Human Rights Activist and Mereja Media Online Journalist and Blogger.

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