Ethiopia is facing a relentless onslaught by the terrorist TPLF and its allies.

The Western and its institutions are historically unforgettable,” Graham Pebbles, a British writer, wrote in an extensive post on his website.

Ignoring the TPLF’s atrocities, Westerners and their media outlets, which are acknowledging the group’s wrong doings, have refrained from recognizing Ethiopians’ national elections and the government they have formed early period.The secretary said, the companies, and their executives are still working hard on coordinated defamation, according to Al Jazeera., and New York Times He said. Institutions such as The Guardian, the BBC and Facebook are also undermining Ethiopia.

He said the Ethiopian government’s ban on humanitarian aid and genocide was the beginning and the end of the campaign.

He said that the same media outlets and Western officials who are blaming the Ethiopian government for the atrocities committed by the TPLF against innocent people and animals in Amhara and Afar states could not be bothered because the group remained loyal to them from the year of 1991 to 2018.

The writer said, that is the secret why they did not want to see the suffering of the TPLF while the TPLF was in power.

It should come as no surprise that the terrorist group, which has a strong presence in international and captain organizations, and its financiers have not spoken out against the unspeakable atrocities perpetrated by the terrorist group.

Contrary to his international responsibilities, Tewodros Adhanom (PhD), a former senior member of the TPLF terrorist group, said that by exposing his time and attention to the TPLF, the UN officials were interfering in Ethiopia’s internal affairs and casting doubt on the organization’s neutrality.

He noted that, despite of the expulsion of UN officials from the West, the so-called is the international community had expressed outrage and threatened sanctions, but that nothing had changed so far.

He recalled that the TPLF-backed Western support for the terrorist organization is aggravating the problem by killing innocent people and destroying the lives and property of many innocent peoples. And that it will not serve the interests of the West.

Despite of what the West wanted, Ethiopians were able to form their own government with a new chapter by hosting their African brothers as guests of honor.

He has been explained that it was a sign that Africans had stopped sending messages to their colonies.

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