The Terrorist TPLF has committed horrific crimes against civilians in Amhara and Afar — Ethiopia Ministry of Justice

The Terrorist TPLF has committed horrific crimes against civilians in violation of international law and humanitarian law in Amhara and Afar states, the Attorney General said. The Attorney General made a statement regarding the investigation of the crime in the mentioned areas and the results of the initial findings. The statement said the crimes were committed in some areas of the North and South Gondar zones of the Amhara region, as well as in woredas of the Afar region.

The crime took place in South Gondar Zone, Upper Giant Woreda, Nifas Mewcha City Administration, Guna Be Gemder Woreda, Farta Woreda, Este Woreda (partially), Debre Tabor City Administration (partially), in North Gondar Zone in Dabat, Debark and Zarima Sub-Woredas, and in Galicoma Kebele of Afar Region. He said the attack took place in the Uwa, Awra and Gulina districts of the IDP camp.
The terrorist group has carried out extensive looting and destruction of public, private and religious institutions in North Gondar Zone, killing at least 96 people, 53 injured, 29 rapes, 11 inhumane treatment, 6 hostages.
In five woredas of South Gondar Zone, a total of 129 people were killed, 54 injured, 73 women raped in Wind City alone, and several properties were destroyed.
August 29, 2013 in Afar Region. The attack on the Galicoma Kebele shelter killed 240 people, injured 42, and left 17 dead and 17 injured in the remaining three woredas, as well as seven women.

Raping a woman up to 15 in a row, raping a mother and child together, committing unnatural sexual acts, raping children in front of their mothers; After being raped, she was stabbed in the genitals with a pistol, threatened with fistula, and threatened to rape her 8-month-old baby in boiling water.
Rape of a seven-month-old pregnant woman, rape of vulnerable women for sexual and mental health problems, rape of priests’ wives and nuns, who are the religious and cultural values ​​of the community, in order to exert special psychological pressure. They have been held hostage for a number of years and have been released without medical assistance.
In Debarq Woreda, Abraham Kebele, the deceased Zeleke Asmera was beheaded in front of his infant son, with his three children holding his legs and arms. Serious human rights abuses by abducting people.
Robbery and complete destruction of public health facilities beyond the local community, deprivation of access to medical care for victims of rape and disability, looting of social service banks, telecom infrastructure, and damage to power lines.
In Afar, a six-month-old baby was hit by his mother with a heavy weapon as he was holding his mother’s breast.

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