We won’t forget it! አንረሳውም ! The Terrorist TPLF group attacked members of the ENDF North Command !

It was last year, Today November 3, 2020; the terrorist TPLF group attacked members of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) stationed in the northern part of the country, Tigray State. The terrorist group, betraying members of the army and plotting death behind their back, stabbed coldheartedly the forces who were once their close comrades. Those fallen members of the ENDF always stood by the side of the people of Tigray in weal and woe for over two decades.

Since that time, the terrorist enterprise has openly exposed its enmity to the people of Ethiopia; and heralded its hostile intent of disintegrating the nation though it is just the group’s mere wish.

Presently, the terrorist enterprise is undertaking several callous activities to realize its ill intents.

The unspeakable genocides it carried out in different places at different times against innocent civilians are the best indicators. The atrocious massacres at Mai Kadra, Chena, Chefera, Wuchale, Kobbo, Galicoma as well as the recent brutal killings of over 100 youths at Kombolcha Town are the unfortunate historic scars that the terrorist enterprise imprinted on the hearts and minds of Ethiopians.

Ironically, these heartless and inhumane acts of the infiltrators of the terrorist faction against civilians could not gain the attention of the global community and those international organizations who are saying “strive for global peace, work to promote human rights and civilians’ protection.”

Turning a blind eye to the crimes that the remnants of the terrorist enterprise have perpetrated against civilians, they are making themselves busy in peddling misinformation.

In fact, for some, the mass atrocities and other inhumane incidents are insignificant as they have their own well calculated targets- creating chaos, hand twisting the government, bringing back the terrorist TPLF into power; if not dismantling the country. The experiences of some countries that were once well stable; but entered into civil wars owing to the invisible hands of Westerners also demonstrated this fact. However, in the case of Ethiopia, in no way this will happen and they meet their targets.

Irrefutably, at this point in time, the country is in more demanding moment than before. However, as nothing will stay for long, the fog that seems covering the nation now will soon fade away; and the bright, sunny day will come very soon. And no one can shutter that light from shining on the horizon of Ethiopia.

However, to make this happen, we are demonstrating our zeal in standing together by the side of the army who has been sacrificing their lives to thwart the terrorist faction and defend our great nation.

Today, we are marking the November 4 to commemorate members of the ENDFs who have been betrayed and murdered heartlessly by the traitor terrorist group. The unforgettable brutal massacre ache us deeply as it cannot be erased or healed easily. We will not also forget those entities that disregarded the reality on the ground. However, whatever it is, we stand together and march forward until the end. It must be noted that entities like the UN are lax on the just cause of Ethiopia.

The infamous League of Nations did not stand to justice when the one of the member country invaded the other member. History repeats itself as the saying goes; the UN, successor of that League, is trying to pressure Ethiopia interfering in its member state internal affairs. Its officials have been supporting the terrorist TPLF including by providing Satellite phones. There is no shred of doubt among us, Ethiopians-Ethiopia shall prevail with the sacrifices of its beloved sons and daughters.

The Ethiopian Herald

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